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Best Dj music mixer - Numark x9
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The Different Music Mixers For Our Digital Age

In the recording music industry, music mixers are the one thing that studios can never be without. A music mixer is a device which takes multiple signal paths of audio together to create a “mix” or what we know as songs or tracks. There are a lot of different types of music mixers; ranging from the simplest ones, which only have 2 signal paths and have minimal effects and control, to the more advanced ones that are much bigger in size and can be paired off with more than one other type of hardware, such as launch pads and multiple microphones.

Aside from the hardware kind, there is also the software kind, with music mixer software seen to be teeming all over the Internet, available for free or for a certain price. This music mixer software is a program which looks a lot like the hardware kind in design and functionality. They are basically a digital form of what the hardware form accomplishes. Although it may not create a sound quite the same as the real music mixers, it is still effective in its goal.

Aside from the downloadable programs, there are also online music mixers available, meaning there is no program that has to be installed into your computer. These programs provide you with a web page that has a digital music mixer embedded into it, letting you manipulate certain songs that you may upload or songs that come with the site. While this is very convenient, it is also very limited. Usually an online music mixer only have options which include manipulation of instruments already in the song, tempo and certain beats. There are some that have a little bit more creativity involved, such as pre-set beats themed to a certain mood or genre (“jazz guitar” or “rock piano”), but they are nothing compared to the real thing.

As studio mixers are usually used by professional audio engineers, there are music mixers that are used by disc jockeys, or “DJs” as they are more popularly known, although they have no real instruments or vocal tracks. These are called DJ mixers. DJ music mixers are different in that they have features that are not necessary for other types of music mixers, such as ripping from audio CDs and converting into MP3 or WAV format, saving the created file into MP3, WMA, and WAV files, and even manipulating videos from YouTube and other such websites.